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Infrared Surveys Save Money

Thermosaver® provides a building diagnostic service that uses thermal imaging to locate potential problems. This is a non-destructive, non-contact preventive maintenance process that can locate problems before they become serious.

About Us


Thermosaver® offers both home surveys and a foam insulation service which shields any type of building. This protects the structure from heat loss in the winter, cold loss in the summer, and reduces health risks due to mold. An added benefit to spray foam insulation is increased building structural integrity. In addition, Thermosaver's spray foam insulation will reduce outside noise from penetrating into your inside environment.


First Thermosaver tests your building for "leaks", the types of leaks due to poor, inadequate, or no insulation. Using a special highly sensitive infrared camera (pictured) Thermosaver can detect "leaks" in your home or office. These leaks are easily detected by Thermosaver's FLIR infrared camera. Doors, windows, vents, are tested using the DG 700 computer and a special blower fan. The DG700 computer is also used to test the efficiency of your furnace.

Infrared Inspections & Imaging Services Includes:

  • Roof scans
  • Electrical systems
  • Mechanical and hvac equipment
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Insulation problems
  • Power & substation utilities
  • Pre & post construction

Once all of the leaks in your building are detected, Thermosaver can apply spray foam insulation to seal your structure.

The final process is you noticing a quieter environment and a significant reduction in your utility bills. By sealing the gaps behind your walls, Thermosaver®'s spray foam insulation eliminates the formation of mold. Thus, your are insured a healthier living and working environment.

A Green Service

Thermosaver is recommended for individuals who are chemically sensitive. It contains no formaldehyde and does not emit any detectable emissions after you move into your new home. ThermoSaver’s foam technology for expansion is water based. It uses no HCFCs which are common in other foams and harmful to our environment.

Save 40-58%!

Save 40-58%!

Unplug Yourself from High-Cost Energy Bills Forever!

A Green Service

A Green Service

Thermosaver is recommended for individuals who are chemically sensitive.